Apr 092014

Western Cape Planning Departments Now Accept Plans On a Memory Stick

Plans FlashDisk Western Cape Planning Joins the Digital Age

After two years of development the Western Cape has implemented and introduced it’s new DAMS  (Development Application Management System).

This new Development Application Management System allows all new development applications to be made and processed through the new DAMS and ensures that the process is visible and transparent every step of the way.

The system came into effect on the 1st of April 2014. Here are a few of the things that will be available using DAMS:

• A memory stick can be used with data for electronic submissions;

• Data will be passed through the various departments electronically;

• When comments are made on documents these are sent back and any new comments are received electronically;

• The interface that is being used is the same as for all other SAP applications;

• All 8 of the district offices have been standardized with the same system;

• The system will allow immediate access to find out where any application is in the process;

• This will allow one single running customer record for all interactions and transactions;

• The counters are now simplified, streamlined and improved;

• A business partner number will be allocated to each customer and this number will stay with the customer throughout their dealings with the City;

• EFT payments are now fully integrated with their system.

They did have what they called a “Dead Period” from the 14th March till 31st March while they made their changeover. During this time no submissions were made and only limited services were available at their counters.


This leads to the question that if the Western Cape can do this then why can’t the municipalities in the rest of South Africa do the same?

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