Pool Safety

Pool safety is a concept that all pool owners must come to grips with. Irrespective of regulations and by-laws, it is essential to ensure that people can use your pool safely, and that the pool does not represent a danger when it is not in use. Pool safety issues range from pool covers, safety nets, and fencing to safe surrounds.

Jun 112014
Keep Your Pool Covered

Keeping You and Your Pool Safely Covered Kathryn Alexander talks to Caryn Formby about pool safety and PowerPlastic’s solid safety covers, and why you should keep your pool covered. Your swimming pool will never be safe if the cover is not [...]

Jun 112014
Unsurpassed Swimming Pool Style

Elegant and Stylish Pools Deserve Elegant and Stylish Pool Covers The NSPI Pool Awards take place annually, showing the South African public just how many fantastic pools and designs there are in this country, at the same time proving that [...]

Jun 112014
Thermal Warmth for Your Pool

Gather Some Thermal Warmth for Your Pool When winter’s cold, icy “hands” grip the country, the benefits of using a thermal cover to maintain the temperature of the water in your swimming pool should not be ignored. However, very little attention [...]

Jun 112014
Trend-Setting Swimming Pool Covers

Automatic Pool Covers From Europe Are Making Their Mark in South Africa By Kathryn Alexander When an illustrious Swiss banker decided to set up his holiday home at Fancourt in George, he wanted an automatic pool cover just like the one [...]

Jun 112014
Pool Cover-up to Save Energy

Swimming Pool Owners Can Help Reduce The Impact of Electricity Load Shedding The Eskom crisis, which lead to widespread load shedding several years ago highlighted the need for us to cut back on excessive use of electricity. Power supply is still [...]

Feb 102014
JHB – Swimming Pools, Boundary Lines and Plans

City of Johannesburg Relaxes Swimming Pool Plan Submissions The City of Johannesburg’s Planning Department has confirmed that they have relaxed the by-laws relating to swimming pools and plan submissions. These regulations concern the submission of plans – namely when plans [...]