Building Regulations Part 1


As there are 23 items in the Building Regulations we have divided them into three sections to improve the ease of navigation. Please note that there are sub-menus which are not included here, but can be accessed via the drop-down menu. The order in which the different Parts of the regulations are displayed follows the same order as the regulations themselves.

Building Regulations Section 1:

General Principal and Requirements

Structural Design


Public Safety

Demolition Work

Site Operations



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  1. Hi,
    should for example, a drawing call for a room size of 3m x 6m – is there a regulation that talks to allowable deviations from these measurements?


    • Hi Louis, ANY deviation from the approved plan will need a rider plan with the amendments, plus any others, to be submitted to your council once building has finished. You might not an occupation certificate until these have been approved. You should check this with your local council.

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